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2nd Annual GEAR UP Georgia Statewide Partners Conference Satisfaction Survey

General Questions

Thank you for attending the 2nd Annual GEAR UP Georgia Statewide Partners Conference! Your feedback is key to our efforts to improve the quality of future GEAR UP Georgia Statewide Conferences. This survey will ask your opinion on the event overall and how it aligned with the Conference’s stated Goals and your expectations. Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts with GEAR UP Georgia!

GEAR UP Georgia Statewide Partners Conference Goals:
  1. To generate awareness and build excitement around improving outcomes for GEAR UP students;
  2. To provide hands-on training for successful implementation of GEAR UP-specific and general best-practices around college and career success;
  3. To offer a forum for all GEAR UP partners to network, share content, and build skills with colleagues of similar roles and responsibilities;
  4. Promote the implementation of sound GEAR UP grant management policies and procedures; and
  5. To enhance community partnerships in order to sustain GEAR UP services.
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4. Do you have suggestions regarding the venue and future meetings there?
5. How easy was the Conference registration process? *This question is required.
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