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BOR Salary Adjustment Request for Approval

BOR Salary Adjustment Policy


In accordance with BOR Policy 8.2.24 (Policy on Salary Administration and Incentive Rewards Program), cumulative fiscal year adjustments greater than or equal to ten percent above the percentage increase authorized in the USG's annual salary and wage administration policy require  advanced approval by the Chancellor other than the instances indicated below.  

The following salary increases greater than or equal to ten percent above the USG’s annual salary and wage guidance do not require the Chancellor’s approval: 

  • Results in a salary below $100,000.
  • Is a promotional increase at or below the mid-point of the salary grade for the new job classification.
  • Is for a faculty member moving into an administrative role, in which the salary will convert from a nine month salary to 12 month salary, as long as the institution has a consistent formula for faculty administrative appointment salary rate conversions.

 This on-line form is provided to facilitate the BOR Salary Adjustment request for approval process.  Additional guidance on this policy is provided within HRAP  If you need additional assistance please contact USG Office of Human Resources via email at