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GEAR UP Student Ambassador Application

GEAR UP College Ambassador Application

GEAR UP Georgia is a federally funded college access and success program providing supports for students to graduate from high school and successfully complete their college programs of study. The Ambassador position will serve as student-level contact to assist with continued support for GEAR UP students through the end of their first year of college

GEAR UP Georgia College Ambassador Duties:
  • Facilitate GEAR UP Club, Club Meetings and Other GEAR UP approved campus activities/events
  • Provide sign-in sheets (other reports as applicable) to GEAR UP staff for events
  • Order refreshments for GEAR UP Club meetings and approved events (Use GEAR UP Funds and/or Activity Fee funds)
  • Attend Fall Ambassador Training - August 25th at 10 am
  • Attend GEAR UP Check-In Meeting - Date: TBD
  • Attend Ambassador Meetings (Minimum: One in the Fall and One in the Spring)
  • Encourage GEAR UP student utilization of campus resources, utilization of GEAR UP resources and attendance at GEAR UP Events as applicable
  • Take pictures/videos of GEAR UP students, post on social media and tag @GEARUPGeorgia
Stipend: $1,000 per semester (One payment in December and one in May for a total of $2,000 for the school year).
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