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GEAR UP Georgia

GEAR UP Georgia Text Updates

Program Information

Thank you for your interest in receiving GEAR UP Georgia text updates! For more information on our text message program, please review the details provided below. Click ‘Next’ to start receiving our updates!”

What Is It?
GEAR UP Georgia text updates provide students and parents with high school success help and college-counseling by texting. The text messages serve as general college reminders and advice, such as key deadlines and regular check-ins to make sure students are transitioning well into college life. Additionally, participants can text us to have their college questions answered.

Who Sends/Answers Texts
GEAR UP Georgia staff members respond to text message inquiries. Students who ask questions via text will receive a response from a GEAR UP Georgia Administrator or Program Coordinator. Some texts are automated reminders, but student inquiries and questions will always be answered by a staff member.

Opting In/Out
GEAR UP Georgia students and parents who want some help preparing for college can opt-in to receive text messages by completing this form. Note that participants can opt-out at any time by texting “stop”, “cancel” or “end.”

Message Schedule
GEAR UP Georgia usually sends out two to three text messages per month to participants. If students are enrolled in specialized programming (Ambassadors, Test Prep, etc.), they may receive one or two additional texts per month.

Confidentiality Statement
As a participant in the text program, information shared in text message exchanges with staff will be kept confidential. We will not release information without a student’s and parent’s written permission, except as required by law.