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Momentum Summit IV Self-Reflection

Momentum Approach Self-reflection

Please help us get ready for the Momentum Summit.

The overarching goal for the Summit is to support your institutional team to make concrete plans for sustaining gains in student Momentum and address those areas that have been affected by disruption, by reflecting upon the past year’s accomplishments and challenges.

Once again, the foundation for your work at the Summit will be a self-reflection on your campus to get a full understanding across your team of where your Momentum Work stands and what your institutional priorities are going forward. This survey is intended to serve as an opening to discussion on your campus, and to provide a broader perspective on the work underway. 

The survey includes questions about you and your role on campus, your perspective on the status and nature of Momentum Work on your institution, and your reflections on the impact of the past year on the students and the student success work at your institution. We anticipate the survey may take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. We appreciate your candid responses. 

If you encounter difficulty with the survey, or have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Jonathan Hull.