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Princeton Review Self-paced Account Request

We are excited to offer Princeton Review ACT and SAT self-paced test prep accounts to GEAR UP Georgia students. The SAT & ACT self-paced account offers 377 online drills, 3,200+ online practice questions, full-length and single-section practice tests for the SAT and ACT, and a personalized lesson plan just for you based on your practice tests, drills, and more.

Please complete the online form to request an SAT & ACT self-paced Princeton Review account.
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11. Since grant funds and test prep accounts are limited, when students do not follow utilize the resource they not only miss a valuable opportunity but could prevent other students from participating. This means you would have wasted your account and taken a resource away from another student. Do you understand the importance of using your test prep account if you receive one? *This question is required.